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Mental Health Meeting

  • Faith Lutheran Church 41 North Park Boulevard Glen Ellyn, IL, 60137 United States (map)

The next mental health meeting will be on September 14th at 7pm at Faith Lutheran Church in Room 204 (in the hallway between the sanctuary and the church office).

I will reach out to some you leaders to set the agenda together. We still need someone to help chair the meeting (this is not as hard or complicated as it may sound). You will not be doing it alone.

Please come with at least 2-3 people from your institution, if possible.

Below is the most recent update. Please respond to the items listed on what you are interested in helping with.

- - - -

Hi All,

I will send this update out to the larger team later, but wanted to get it out the door to executive team and a handful of leaders quickly.

We had a very, very productive meeting on Wednesday with Cheif Anderson of the Lisle police. He said explicitly that DU has the DuPage Police Cheifs Association (DPCA) complete support that we (as in DU) were "the team" and they were glad to be on it with us. He has been vested with the authority to act and speak for the DPCA. He is on the executive board for the DPCA, and said that attending the monthly meeting would be less effective-- the executive board makes decisions, summarizes it, then presents it and makes the case for full support from other chiefs.

He explicitly noted Sheriff Zaruba knew he was having this meeting with DU, that although it bothered Zaruba (because of how we have challenged him on the high incarceration levels of the mental ill in the jail) and didn't understand why, and He (Anderson), while being very political, he wasn't going to let that stop this work from happening. They may have grievances with one another from a different issue. He made it clear that Zaruba and he are on the DPCA executive board together, that he will know what it's going on and everything will be on the table. He said it in an agitational way, directed toward Zaruba. Transparency! Integrity! I love it.

Anderson was very focused and excited to be working with us.The Chiefs want to get down to business. They will call the EMTs and the Fire Chiefs which they believe are necessary make crisis centers effective. They will then get a meeting from the right people inside local hospitals with the EMTs help.

He is very positive that hospitals will want to help. We asked is they would FUND. He was realistic and understood that they make profit too, by helping.

They were really looking to us decide where the centers should go. We said as long as the police will use the spots selected, we could work on this and bring it back to Anderson.

A few things need to happen:
1. We need to look for land or buildings. I am suggesting that leaders buddy up with someone in their institution or with each other and go explore! You'd be surprised how many of our housing or building projects were found this way. For example, Naperville, the northern end towards Ogden road is a key overlapping spot for many towns.

We are imagining 4 centers in the 4 corners of DuPage, with wide enough radii that their circles overlap and cover the middle.

2. We need to draft a 1 page write up that has specifics for a crisis center (cost to build, run each year, size, etc).

Adrienne already took a stab at a crisis center write up. We may need to add to it or change it for Anderson's purposes, but we aren't starting from scratch.

Adrienne, can you send that over to us when you have a chance?

Renee offered to help edit if Anderson is looking for something more specific. Who is able to work together with Renee on that?

3. Set a date with Anderson, Fire/EMT and Ayala for key stakeholders meeting. Late September / Early October would be ideal.

4. Check in with Lana Miller & Ayala on Crisis Centers, Tour of Jail, and the beginning of CIT

5. We are hosting a State Wide CIT conference on November 2nd. This is being done in relationship with Public Safety Director, Rodger Heaton, who has been a key ally in moving things with the state in terms of CIT and criminal justice. We need to make invites to the key people we need there. Anderson, Marshall, Berlin, Ayala, Miller, and others.

Please reply all with what you are able / willing to do.

In an ideal world, our November action could also be an announcement of the location of the 1st crisis center. With the enthusiasm shown by Chief Marshall of Naperville and the force of Anderson, we may be able to achieve that.

Good work!


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