Where Walmart leads on guns, will others follow?

Why is Walmart doing the right thing?

Because you, the average American fed up with the stupidity of our nation’s gun laws, want Walmart to do the right thing.

Good luck trying to get Congress to enact even the most widely supported gun reforms. Congress does not answer to you. Congress answers to the gun lobby, with its tens of millions of dollars to throw around. It answers, as well, to a relative minority of gun-defending extremists who control Republican primaries in red states and — thanks to gerrymandering — congressional districts.

But Walmart, in its way, answers to you. You can shop there or not. You can work there or not. You can buy its stock or not.

(Full article linked below. Attention to middle of Editorial in which it calls out the victory of the IAF and the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility for placing and keeping pressure on shareholders in a major American gun company, Sturm Ruger & Co., to issue a resolution that ordered the CEO to issue an annual report on the company’s efforts to reduce the harm associated with its guns. Grassroots public pressure can have an impact, and not just in Washington.)