Workforce Development Stakeholders Join Forces

DuPage United composed a letter to the nearly 400 skilled manufacturers in DuPage County. It contained a summary of manufacturing workforce problems and asked for manufacturers' help in shaping a solution. Our letter was signed by Mr. Dan Cronin, Chairman of the DuPage County Board, Mr. Greg Bedalov, President and CEO of Choose DuPage, Dr. Darlene Ruscitti, Superintendent of the Regional Office of Education, Dr. Robert Breuder, President of the College of DuPage as well as DuPage United. DuPage United also met with many individuals and groups in the manufacturing business. Our purpose was to encourage all stakeholders to finance and form a new, not-for-profit organization that would do the hard work of recruiting, assessing, training, and placing unemployed and underemployed people into good-paying jobs in skilled manufacturing.